Opposition to recent 'public health' measures

I will not enter in to any work agreement which requires vaccination, mask-wearing or 'testing' of asymptomatic individuals - even temporarily or in a hybrid remote / on-premise arrangement. More generally, I am wary of working with people who support or defend the so-called 'public health' measures which were introduced in 2020 - and which are likely to be reintroduced in the coming years.

This overt statement might seem melodramatic or obnoxious but is well warranted. Just as countless people tried to denigrate those of use who were skeptical of the public health measures, I have little or no compunction in voicing my opposition to them and - if necessary - distancing myself from anyone who supports them.

I don't see how a work environment which embraces or disseminates this deceptive public health ideology can be anything other than toxic in the long run - toxic not only to physical health but also to mental and even spiritual health.

So ... One of the first things I would ask anyone who might contact me regarding potential work is: Do you support or would you expect me to abide by such public health measures? If so, there is no point in contacting me.

Important clarification: I'm not concerned if you personally are vaccinated (or wear a mask, or choose to regularly 'test' yourself), as long as you don't put pressure on any other members of your workforce to do the same.

Won't this limit your opportunities?

"Won't this limit your opportunities?" one might ask.

All I can say is: hopefully not. Hopefully, it some doors are closed others will open.

Anyway ... Regarding the prospect of working in an environment where such public health measures are enforced, I would view that more as a potential trap than an 'opportunity'.

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