Objections / criticisms (re tax resistance)

Here I am just trying to counter some potential objections or criticims of my stand on taxation. (Click on a topic to expand it.)

Why don't you just stay under the radar - e.g. by sticking with cash - and stop being such a drama queen / attention seeker?

I don't see how hiding from the tax man would accomplish anything really - aside from maybe some minor personal gains in the short term. I think it's necessary to bring the issue to people's attention in a direct way.

Also, people may have quite different reasons for objecting to taxation. I wanted to make my reasons as clear as possible.

I am not doing this to seek attention. If someone else in this country was grappling with the issue - in a way which I found coherent and morally convincing - I would gladly leave it to them. But, to the best of my knowledge, that hasn't happened.

You're just a far-right crank!

Funnily enough, until recently I generally would have identified more with the 'left' than the 'right' (at least on some issues). Given the absolutely appalling intolerance and disrespect that many on the 'left' showed towards people who held differing views regarding the Covid lockdowns and mandates, however, I am willing to more-or-less disavow them at this stage.

A great number of people on the 'right' are guilty of the same intolerance and discourtesy of course. So I choose to label myself as neither.

What does 'far right' mean at the present time anyway, aside from disagreeing with Government?

Using this term is nothing more than a peurile and pathetic means to prematurely squelch debate on vitally important matters. Grow up!

You're just bitter and angry because you can't afford a decent home in your native county!

That's not really the case. Let me elaborate.

Even if I could afford a 'decent home' in my native county, I probably still wouldn't invest in it, because - as a tax resister - I could not be secure in my possession. (The state could claim the house in lieu of taxes.) That's the first point.

The second point: It's not just myself I'm concerned about. I can spare a thought for others - some of whose circumstances are for more difficult than my own.

I'm speaking on this because: once you realize that the 'housing crisis' is not an accident, and that it is closely related to the purported 'climate crisis' and the environmental policies and land-zoning decisions that are enacted and made on the back of that perceived 'crisis' ... Once you realize this, I think it is incumbent on you to speak out and inform people about it - regardless of whether you personally are affected.

You're a fool for disclosing your intentions and being so upfront with Revenue - or expecting them to care about your beliefs and values

What can I say? I have no guile.

And these notes are not just for the tax man's attention. They are for anyone who is interested in this country and the people who live here.

You should have waited until there was a movement - or until you had other people on board - before sticking your neck out.

I disagree. Once you figure out that something is wrong you should stop doing it as soon as possible.

Anyway, I've made a genuine effort to discuss this with people - face-to-face and electronically. If they choose to continue paying taxes (and in full) that's their choice.